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Empowering Your Business with Zero Payment Processing Fees Don’t let processing fees diminish your profits. Embrace the future of financial transactions with Zap Payment Systems. Discover how we can transform your payment processing experience.

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In-depth Payment Data with Zap Payment Systems

Zap Payment Systems offers an all-in-one billing and payment platform designed to meet every facet of your business needs. Our comprehensive solution integrates multiple features into one seamless interface, ensuring you manage your operations efficiently.

Key Features of Zap Payment Systems:

An All-in-One POS and Payments Platform for Any Business Type

Experience unparalleled efficiency with Zap Payment Systems, an all-in-one POS and payments platform designed for any business type. Our comprehensive solution integrates everything from payments and self-serve kiosks to eCommerce websites, inventory management, CRM, and a loyalty app—all at the most competitive price in the industry.

Highlights of Zap Payment Systems:

We Work for Various Industries

Streamline software and IT service transactions with secure, rapid processing.

Enhance patient care with efficient, secure healthcare payment solutions.

Secure and expedite payments for legal services with specialized processing.

Support educational and training services with efficient payment platforms.

Simplify payments for consulting with fast, tailored payment processing.

Real Estate Services

Accelerate real estate transactions with quick, reliable payment processing.

Improve guest experiences with streamlined payments in hospitality and tourism.

Speed up transactions in transportation with our reliable payment solutions.

Entertainment Services

Ensure seamless payment experiences in entertainment with our robust system.

Optimize food and beverage sales with fast, flexible payment solutions.

Facilitate payments for home and maintenance services with ease and security.

Boost your eCommerce business with fast, secure, and adaptable payments.


B2B Payments

Optimize your financial operations with Zap Payment Systems. Our payment solutions are designed to remove financial barriers, enabling you to focus on growing your business without the burden of additional costs.

Point-of-Sale Systems

Zap Payment Systems offers versatile POS solutions tailored for every business need, including mobile, desktop, and cloud-based systems, ensuring optimal functionality and user experience across all platforms.

E-commerce Solutions for Every Online Business

Maximize your online sales with Zap Payment Systems' e-commerce solutions, designed to integrate seamlessly with your business, ensuring smooth and secure online transactions at 0% processing fees.

Seamless Integration Across Major Platforms

Zap Payment Systems integrates with leading platforms like Pax Technologies, Dajavoo Systems, Clover, and more, ensuring compatibility and streamlined operations for all payment environments.

The Only Software Payment Platform That Saves You

Big on Payment Processing Fees

Start cutting those hefty processing fees right away—team up with us and see the difference immediately.


Accept unlimited payment transactions for a flat fee of $49 per month.


Payment processing fees eliminated for business owners just like you.


Our clients, on average, save $36K annually on merchant/POS fees.


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All-in-one POS System
Portable Card Machine
Billing & Payments Platform
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Zero Processing Fees, Maximum Savings

Transform your payment experience with Zap Payment Systems, where we eliminate processing fees entirely, putting every dollar you used to spend back into your business. Experience true savings and invest more in what matters most to your success.

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